Yoga for Mental Wellness (YMW) is a community service project of The Breathing Project, that provides free therapeutic yoga classes in New York City for adults of any age or fitness level living with emotional distress or mental illness. YMW began in 2004 as a small pilot program to explore how consistent yoga practice might enhance the lives of people living with mental illness.  Today, we serve hundreds of people annually through our twice-weekly classes at The Breathing Project, in our weekly hospital-based programs, and in our other wellness programs in community mental health centers. Read more about our programs and services.

YMW’s open classes at The Breathing Project are held twice-weekly throughout the year.  The classes are free and open to anyone who believes the classes mighty be helpful.  Family members, caretakers, and mental health workers are also welcome to register and attend.  Experience and research suggest that yoga can be a powerful tool for addressing emotional and mental illness. For many of us, the regular practice of yoga can lift the mood, reduce stress, enhance problem-solving, improve strength and flexibility, lessen fatigue and increase energy.

A typical YMW class at The Breathing Project involves the slow, careful movement of yoga postures, focused breathing coordinated with movement, attention to the present moment, embodied exploration of the body and its resources, compassionate self-care and deep relaxation.  YMW classes at The Breathing Project are limited to 8 students to allow for individualized teaching, the growth of connections between student, teacher and classmates, and the development of healing communities. Read more or register for our Open Classes.

Yoga for Mental Wellness is supported by generous grants from the Evelyn E. and Richard J. Gunst Foundation, and the Corcoran Cares Program of the NYC Soho Office of The Corcoran Group.  Our funding allows us provide yoga classes in the community and in hospitals at no charge.