Other YMW Programs

In our 10 years of service, YMW has provided free yoga programs in a host of hospital and community settings in New York City. For a listing and description of our current and past programs in hospitals, community mental health centers, and other centers, see below.

At NYC’s St. Luke’s Hospital outpatient Psychiatric Recovery Center: With St. Luke’s Psychologist, Dr Yuko Hanakawa, PhD, YMW develops and co-leads the weekly Holistic Health and Wellness Group (HHW), devoted to breath and body awareness, mindfulness and yoga practice for people experiencing psychosis or anxiety disorders.  The HHW Group has the largest and most consistent attendance of any group in the clinic, according to Dr. Susan Palmgren, PhD, director of the Psychiatric Recovery Center (Provided by YMW gratis; 2009-present).

At Fountain Housea community mental health center in Manhattan: From November 2011- June 2012, YMW and its sister project, Project Paean, offered weekly yoga classes and monthly massages for class members.  This program built on a prior clinical and research program by Project Paean investigating the role of touch and massage in mental wellness, directed by YMW teacher and massage therapist, L. Ruth Kalvert. (2009-2010).

YMW Mentoring Program: To accommodate requests by yoga teachers for training in our work, Elizabeth began a one-on-one mentoring program for qualified yoga teachers.  (Provided by YMW gratis; begun 2012 and ongoing).

Presentations and services at wellness forums and events in the NYC area for people with mental health challenges and mental health professionals, including St. Luke’s Hospital wellness events for staff, The Japanese American Foundation, the National Alliance for Mental Illness-NYC, and at the NYS Psychiatric Center at Columbia University. (Provided by YMW gratis; ongoing).

At NYC’s St Vincent’s Hospital: Weekly chair yoga classes to in-patients in the adult psychiatric ward, and training staff to incorporate yogic strategies into their work with patients. (Provided by YMW gratis; 2008-2010).

At NYC’s Mt. Sinai Hospital:  Weekly chair yoga class to in-patients in the geriatric psychiatric ward (Provided by YMW gratis; 2006-2007).

At National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI-Metro): YMW body and breath awareness training for NAMI parents of teenagers or young adults with serious mental health challenges. (Provided by YMW gratis; 2007-2008).

At Community Mental Health Center in the Bronx, NY (Geel Clubhouse): First yoga program in the Bronx for adults with serious mental health challenges (6-week program, 2008).